Love ring

Personalised Initial heart ring, created with love in the heart of Antwerp and adorned with dazzling, natural diamonds.
Available in rose, white or yellow gold.

Whether it’s the initial of your partner, your child or even your own, this exquisite piece holds the power to ignite those beautiful memories and emotions within us. It’s a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and love without boundaries.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your love or surprise someone special in your life, this Initial heart ring is just perfect.
Discover the magic of Antwerp’s craftsmanship and the radiance of natural diamonds, all encapsulated in a single, breathtaking piece.

It’s like wearing a little piece of your heart on your hand, a constant reminder of the joyous moments you’ve experienced together.
A unique piece, cherishing your Memories, deep connections, and pure happiness. 🖤

$1 328.40

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